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About Us

About Us

What makes working with MCG different?

1.  You work directly with partners of the firm, all of whom have between 10 - 30 years consulting experience. We do not operate a leveraged consulting model, whereby the senior people sell assignments and junior staff do the work. Consultancies using leveraged models have an insatiable appetite for billable hours - MCG doesn't; we size assignments to your true requirements and resources.

2.  MCG focuses on the pragmatic application of conceptually sound solutions. There is no shortage of theory and "best practices" in the business world; however, there is often a shortage of applying business "theory" in a manner that recognizes the capabilities, constraints, and multiple priorities of client organizations. At MCG we understand the value of practicality since all partners have had significant experience as former marketing and sales line mangers for leading consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical firms. We strive to deliver workable outcomes that our clients can, and want, to implement.

3.  We encourage a highly participative approach to assignments. We want to ensure that the managers who will ultimately have implementation responsibility are fully engaged and committed. Using workshop forums and proven facilitation techniques we involve managers, ensure clear and focused decision-making, and create consensus.