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Industries and Clients

Industries and Clients

1.  Pharmaceuticals

Despite the prospects of strong underlying growth in demand, the pharmaceutical industry faces significant challenges:

We conduct assignments for both central global operations and operating companies:

2.  Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Our clients in the consumer packaged goods industry face a number of challenges: low underlying growth in demand; an elusive consumer in a fragmented media environment; and increasingly powerful and demanding customers, to name only a few.

We have deep experience in this industry - we've been line managers of packaged goods companies as well as consultants. We also have a breadth of experience gathered from working with leading companies, but also with their retailer customers, as well as with industry associations, tackling joint industry issues and researching benchmarks and best practices.

We conduct assignments for both marketing and sales/customer management functions:

For marketing functions our work involves:

For sales functions our work involves:

For industry associations, we have authored multiple benchmark studies on issues such as trade spend management, marketing and sales department costs and capabilities, and unsaleables costs.