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Marketplace Capabilities Group - MCG
Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The consulting services we provide to our clients typically fall into three practice areas, although assignments will often span more than one area:

A.  Marketplace strategy and planning

We help our clients to develop marketing and sales strategies and embed those strategies into business plans that will drive their results forward. Our work encompasses:

Business Unit ManagementMarketing ManagementSales/Customer Management
  • Business performance analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Sales strategy
  • Portfolio reviews/ strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer analysis
  • Business unit planning
  • Marketing product planning
  • Trade spending analysis/ strategy
  • Functional planning (to achieve alignment vis vis marketplace strategies)
  • Category strategy/ planning
  • Customer planning
  • Global marketing strategy/ planning
  • Channel strategy

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B.  Organization Effectiveness

We assist our clients to ensure their marketing and selling organizations are capable of superb strategy and plan implementation. Typical areas of interest to our clients are:

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C. Training and Development

We provide customized training programs for marketing and sales organizations - either as part of ongoing efforts to build over-all organizational capabilities or to support significant strategic or process change. Programs in greatest demand are:

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