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Three Critical Variables in Structuring a Strategy or Planning Assignment

Irrespective of the type of assignment, there are typically 3 critical areas that will influence the direction and nature of the work:

1.  The Approach to Situation Analysis

Every strategy or planning initiative should be preceded by an appropriate situation/opportunity analysis that ensures an ability to make informed, fact-based, and insightful decisions. We work with our clients to define an effective and efficient situation analysis approach that:

Typically we determine the content requirements of the situation analysis, with the client then deciding which elements of content will be developed internally, and which will be the responsibility of MCG. As required, we provide coaching and quality control assistance to client-developed content.

2.  Designing the Decision-making Framework

In planning, everyone is focused on getting the right "answer", but often without sufficient consideration as to whether they have been pursuing the right "question". Defining the right questions, the decision-making framework, is critical because the framework determines what concepts and principles of strategy the plan will address. For example:

There is not always a clear understanding of the purpose of decision elements and how a specific decision choice will, or should, impact marketplace activity or organizational behavior. We work with clients to define the specific decision components of the strategy/planning assignment - ensuring the relevancy of each component and an understanding of its implications.

3.  Sharing of Responsibility for Strategy and Plan Solution

We prefer a cooperative, participative approach to decision-making. Using workshop forums, involving client managers, we create consensus on key decisions. Over the years we have developed highly effective facilitation approaches to strategy and plan development that enable client teams to define very focused and precise decisions in a time efficient manner. Using this approach ensures our strengths our clients are effectively leveraged.

From an MCG perspective, we offer:

We find our clients offer: